A Pinch of Luck, Inc.
Taking Thoroughbreds from the Track to the Trail and Beyond 

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Honest... Intelligent...  Hard Working


                                                                    Athlete...  Partner...  Friend 


Bred to be royalty, raced to be winners, and retired to become partners in a new life.  These are the Thoroughbreds 
of A Pinch of Luck, Inc.

Our horses come to us to work toward new careers.  Many are physically with us only a little while--long enough to learn that every day does not begin at six a.m.  To relax and smell the roses for a bit in the pasture.  To make new friends (both horse and human).  To experience new partnerships that go beyond breaking from the starting gate and the too-seldom trip to the winner's circle. 

Others are with us longer.  Sometimes they stay for rehabilitation from a racing injury or because their minds just need a vacation.  Some stay because we like them too much to let them go right away.

Because many of our horses' trainers are our friends, we know that their horses come to us loved and well cared for.  Their trainers' many stories and insights help us to help our "foster kids" transition smoothly from career athlete to career friend.  Other of our horses come from a friend in Florida who regularly comes across retired Thoroughbreds who are down on their luck an on their way to dead end sales.  They sometimes come with insight, but more often come to us with only tattoo numbers (if we're lucky), and we're tasked with the job of retracing their past so that we can help build their present.

Regardless of their origin, all go on to become eventers, show and field hunters, dressage horses, trail buddies, companions, and even sometimes mothers.  They travel in every direction to their new homes, and they leave us, each and every one, with memories that are with us fo
r a lifetime.