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Horses for Sale

These are pictures of A Pinch of Luck Graduates--please click the links above to visit the pages of our current kids!

Horse For Sale...  What an exciting prospect!

At A Pinch of Luck, we strive to bring in sound, good minded horses that have retired from racing with clean legs and minds that are ready and willing to learn a new trade.

Our horses are hand picked for conformation, size, and temperment.  We offer our clients mares and geldings, and are very happy to help clients looking for stallions locate them and bring them home from the track.  Occassionally, a stallion will make his way to our home farm--if so, he may be advertised as a stallion if he's of breeding quality, or he will be offered as a just-gelded gelding.  We don't discriminate--some folks love geldings, some love mares, and some swear by stallions.  Let us know--we'll find the horse you're looking for!

The horses listed for sale on this site are either here in Georgia or en route.  Occassionally we'll post horses that are looking for homes that are free to the right family.  These horses typically have career-limiting injuries, are recovering from an injury, or are with a friend or trainer up north who has done the lay-up work and just wants to find "the right" home for a well loved retired racer who is ready to kick back and smell the roses.  These horses are free to homes willing to cover the shipping costs to bring the horse home--we don't charge a finder's fee, we're just happy to find these guys homes. 

Our prices are not secret--most horses will be for sale in the $1000 to $2500 range unless they've been with us for a while and have had siginificant retraining, though occassionally there are exceptions.  We know that for many the thrill of a retired racer comes in the training--a fun and very rewarding undertaking.  We do our best to put on a few rides to check out soundness of body and mind, suitability for a particular type of rider and discipline, and to try the horses out in company and alone.  Those who are suited to young riders find their way into our lesson program and may also find themselves out on the trail before they find their new home.

Black...  Bay...  Chestnut...  Gray...  All the colors of the rainbow....  Let us know, we'll find the right one for you! 

Contact Heather at  404-267-3398 for more information about horses here on our site and out with trainers and friends.